Five Radio Ads Analysis

“Wake Up”, Sobe Adrenaline Rush Energy Drink.

This add is quite funny for a radio ad. Basically the add is to promote Sobe, an energy drink. However, this ad targets consumers that have late nights out on the town or drive long distances. The ad begins with loud and dramatic sounds such as a different car alarms, various jungle animals, or police sirens. After about 5 seconds of this intense sound the announcement comes on in Spanish and says, “Wake up, you are driving” and then gives a public service announcement from Sobe.

The objective of this ad I believe is two-fold. 1) Naturally, the idea is to sell more energy drinks. The Sobe brand is looking for new and returning customers, probably in the younger generation. 2) The concept of using humor to address a real-world problem makes the topic easier to approach, more modern, and more effective. I think Sobe understands that the younger people (probably ages 18 – 35 years old) drive late at night and their product can help a safe return home by using their product.  Certainly, if the product tastes good and does as described, that target market will become loyal consumers.

Listen to the ad here:

“Wake Up.” Advertising Educational Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Mar. 2017.


Netflix Holiday Radio.

Any company can benefit greatly if they can bring family together. I this ad Netflix uses what are typically opposing relationships that find common ground using their streaming service. The first ad is of a “CEO father-in-law” and a “hippy son-in-law who have nothing in common except watching “action movies” and their agreement to use the Netflix to set differences apart and have a good time together. The second ad is about a “loving grandmother” and “dark-sided grandson”. They too have nothing in common except, comedy movies. Netflix then shows that their service brings families together.

The objective of the add is simple. The Netflix service can work wonders to bring families together if it is used. Naturally, family dynamics can be difficult. Family gatherings around the holidays can be taxing. But the message from Netflix is clear. Using their service can make holidays better, no matter the differences, the movie selections are for everyone. It’s as if without Netflix, the family cannot co-exist.

Listen to the ad here:

“Netflix Holiday Radio.” Advertising Educational Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Mar. 2017.



Oldspice has always been kind of silly when making ads. This one is no different. They used a robot to make an ad for its fragrance products. The first is a robot trying to hit on a “hot” human over the radio. The robot insists she can smell him then he realizes she can’t and the ad ends with the traditional Old Spice whistle. The second, a robot mixes and confuses different sports analogies trying to explain the importance of smelling good and being a man.

The concept of using attraction of the opposite sex and sports to attract consumers is age old. Men want to be manlier and Old Spice continues to use this to their advantage. Their goal is to sell more product by attempting to create itself as a status symbol of manhood. Although the products may be good quality it may seem shallow to the older and more mature audience. Their target market seems to be high school and college markets. Because the product is affordable, the marketing strategies have worked and continue to do so.

Listen to the ad here:

“Mandroid.” Advertising Educational Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Mar. 2017.


“I Am the Middle Bun”.

 McDonalds has been making changes recently by doing some PR clean-up due to some bad publicity. This ad is bilingual in English and Spanish. Based on the ad format, the target audience is both, the bilingual youth and young adults. The ad basically is describing a Big Mac and its ingredients in both English and Spanish using descriptive words that are a part of a Spanish-American lifestyle.

The objective is to expand on an already increasing market, the Latino population. I think McDonalds is trying to diversify its audience and show cultural sensitivity to an ever-increasing population in the US. The goal of describing the contents of the Big Mac in detail is to entice those bilingual consumers listening. Also, in the Latino culture, there is a need to know what is being consumed or details about a product they will purchase. McDonalds did a good job addressing the most culturally important aspects in this ad.

Listen to the ad here:

“I Am the Middle Bun – English.” Advertising Educational Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Mar. 2017.


“Brewmasters Panic”.

This was a well-executed beer ad. It has a multi-cultural aspect that presents Mexican beer superior to the rest of the options available. Tecate is a Mexican beer that is very popular in the US and becoming more popular internationally. This ad basically creates humorous transitions as brew-masters from across the world compete with Tecate. There is a play on words that keep the listener engaged and finished with a person with a Mexican accent apologizing for making such a great beer.

Essentially, this ad is to bolster Tecate as one of the world’s best beers to increase demand for the product. By presenting itself as one of the best beers available, consumers will feel they are receiving a superior product. The multi-cultural aspect is to target an international audience to drink its beer by touting its superiority to the competition. By presenting itself as an equal to European and American brands, consumers will try Tecate and the goal is that once its tried, consumers will understand its quality and value.

Listen to the ad here:

“Brewmasters Panic.” Advertising Educational Foundation. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Mar. 2017.


13 thoughts on “Five Radio Ads Analysis

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  1. We listened to two of the same ads; the McDonalds and Netflix ones. I found your take on the culture wanting to know what is in the food interesting. I looked at is as many older generations don’t eat out, as they cook and eat their own cultural dishes. This is McDonalds push to sway the younger generation to break from the norm. I also thought your assessment of the Netflix ad was spot on, “It’s as if without Netflix, the family cannot co-exist.” I never knew SoBe had an energy drink. I’ve only tried their water. Or maybe, their water is the energy drink. I need to re-read the label. The Old Spice commercial is the most interesting. You found they were going for a younger audience. I agree, they’re attempting to expand their market as Old Spice is traditionally an older man’s cologne. Great job.


  2. The McDonald’s, Netflix, and Beer ads were my favorite. Maybe it’s because I fit into their age target market, that I understood and felt what they were talking about. Your explanations for the ads were good. I especially liked the play on words effect for the beer ad. Great job!


  3. Asheen,
    I really enjoyed your analysis (not just saying that). You were spot on with Sobe, Netflix, McDonald’s, and BrewMasters. The only one I did not agree with was Old Spice – Mandroid. Their target market maybe between high school to college but their mainstay customer base is of an older generation since it is in fact, a spicier fragrance.


  4. Afsheen,

    I appreciate your post. There is great importance to ad #1, the issue of deaths related to drivers falling asleep at the wheel. I found the noises very annoying and wanted to turn them off immediately. I guess this was the point, to startle the listener. I think Sobe could have driven home the fact that they really care about the safety of drivers a bit more – in order to be more effective.

    I also reviewed the Brewmaster and Middle Bun ads. They were both highly effective. I know that McDonald’s will market whatever they think can make them the most money. In this case they are reaching out to a different demographic in the hopes that this will solidify a more solid relationship between a so-called new, market group, and their McDonald’s food.

    I really laughed out loud at the Brewmaster ad. The pace alone creates a fun listening environment. The ad is witty and quick on its feet. I liked it.

    I enjoyed the comments you made and appreciate the reflection.



  5. “Wake Up” was definetely interestinig and creatative. The loud noise was annoying though but see what they were trying to do. It is definetely an attention getter. I like Netflix advertisement using the dad and son. I like how the centered on the family and how true that is especially when everyone is together during the holidays. Movies provide great entertainment during this time. Yes Oldspice has been around forever. I liked that they used a robot. Yes McDonalds is targeting the Latino market. I like how they went through all of the ingrediants both in English and Spanish. As far as the Brewmasts Panic the humor made this ad. Great reflections on all of these ads.


  6. Hello Afsheen,
    These were some great ad choices. The first one hit a little to close to home for me. I wad working in Cherokee Casino and driving home each night to Murphy NC 1 hour 10 to 20 min. each way. One late night I had to work in stead of 10 pm to almost 1 am and when I got within 1 mile of my house I fell asleep and in the ditch I went. Several thousand in car damage and 2 years of medical examinations just to keep my drivers licence was a nightmare. Insurance went up and now looking back I would have loved that commercial to come on and or even have to product handy.

    Netflix was funny showing how it can help bring the generation gap together.

    Old spice does try to think outside of the box and I give them credit for that.

    Sorry, I just don’t like McDonald’s and think it is such a health issue to children and family’s that is in a bad way so can not get into their commercials.

    Brewmasters was fun and I think for anyone liking that kind of product it would get there attention.



  7. The old spice ad really points out the value of a brand when advertising. As you point out that jingle is well known despite the fact that I would guess less then 10% of the population actually use their products. By being consistent in their marketing they clearly have made their future efforts easier (and more effective).

    The wake up ad kind of bothers me. All to often we hear that marketing is neither good nor bad. But there is no evidence that energy drinks make people safer drivers. In fact when the caffeine wears off people are more likely to fall asleep quickly and are thus at higher risk. I think marketers have a responsibility to look at all the potential truths not just the convenient ones that make them look good.

    On the other hand it is wonderful in this fragmented world that an ad is appealing to helping people get along. It give me hope that such a message not can be delivered but apparently can be received. It’s a joyful thought.


  8. Hi Afsheen, I like how in tune you were in analyzing your radio ads. The thoughtfulness of the SOBE radio ad is of its fellow listeners playing the ad between 1 and 5 am, to ensure those driving during these times will stay awake. Not only does the annoying sound wake you up the SOBE ad makes the driver more aware of their surroundings and start looking for the next gas station to purchase one.


  9. I must admit (and I know others will do it as well) I listened to the Brewmasters Panic ad a few times – with various types of snorts and snickers coming from my body! Thanks for the laughter! Your radio analysis deliverable was extremely enjoyable, and I feel it checked all the boxes in the assignment. The only thing I would do differently would be to add some visual aspect to the posts; try posting a photo with a link, photo of a possible corresponding print ad for a visual effect, etc.


    1. Tabitha,
      Yes I agree that I need to ad this from now on. I like the video and others but if I post a mater to fact item I should add in a visual because I saw that on another and enjoyed it so much while listening to the radio adds.


  10. I liked the Sobe ad – it reminds me of Homer Simpson’s “Everything’s OK” alarm from The Simpsons several years ago. Always found that one funny. The only risk I can see with it (as stated elsewhere here) is that it might give the false sense of safety that you can drink the drink and will be alright behind the wheel.

    Netflix too was pretty good. I’ve noticed that the Netflix website usually shows a picture of a family gathered around a TV flashing their signature red intro screen, but hearing this ad makes me realize that’s a core marketing principle of theirs. One thought I have is that it is funny how this ad campaign is sort of detached from the business strategy that made Netflix big: no overdue fees for movie rentals and also the ultimate convenience of the service.

    Maybe the thought process is that because Netflix is so convenient, you can focus on the family gathering more than going out and chasing down a movie to watch. So although the marketing is one step removed from the business strategy, there is still a connection there.


  11. Afsheen,
    Great review of the radio advertisements. I laughed so hard at the “Brewmasters Panic” – The word play definitely kept my attention. It engaged its listener. However, I was laughing so hard-I had to replay. I also agree with the McDonald’s and Netflix – Netflix is the magic solution to bring families; opposites together.
    Thanks for sharing!


  12. Hey Afsheen,

    This is one of the best analysis’ of ads that I’ve seen so far. You organized and covered everything in a very clear way, well done! It’s really difficult for me to choose a favorite ad from these, so I won’t try. But I will say that the creativity that I’ve been hearing in a lot of these ads is amazing. For some reason, my local radio stations typically play boring ads that everyone has heard over and over again. Maybe I would listen to the radio more often if more ads were like these!

    All the best,


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